Michaela Albright - Fuchs

Yogalehrerin - Vertretung (english)

How I came to Yoga

Michaela has flirted with yoga and meditation since college, but not always consistently. Yoga would come in for a while, and then disappear as life got busy. Then life would get too busy and she would once again need yoga. Finally after doing this dance for many years, she discovered that if she committed to practicing yoga regularly and spending time being still, everything was lighter and more manageable.

This was in 2013, when Michaela was teaching acting and performance at an international school and also producing the annual school musical (which means working 7 days a week, 140%). Completely out of balance again, she found that her mind was so full that it was increasingly difficult to let go of the day and all the “to dos”, difficult to be present in even the simplest of conversations,  and impossible to sleep. A friend invited her to a yoga class she was teaching and Michaela discovered (remembered?) that when she practiced “letting it go’ while on the mat, she could “let it go” easier off the mat. So she began having a daily practice - even if it was only 5 minutes! She started sleeping better, she was more engaged in daily life, the stress released on the mat and stayed there. She was completely convinced that this was the secret to balancing all the demands of life and absolutely needed to share this with the world! 

As an acting teacher, bringing yoga into her school classroom came naturally. Her teenage students loved it, but she still noticed her colleagues and parents stressed, tired and bogged down. She wanted to share with them! So in 2016, she completed the Yoga Alliance certification under Angela Boscardini and Julie Martin and began that journey.  

Michaela believes that bringing union (yoga) with movement, meditation and the breath is the key to maintaining a balanced life, discovering the happiness within, staying young at heart, in mind and in body, learning how to “let it go” and build confidence on and off the mat.

Her lessons are a balance of moving with the breath, challenging the body, exercising the mind, and igniting the fire in our hearts to live more fully on and off the mat. She loves discovering when something we practice on the mat translates to life outside the studio. This, to Michaela, is the power of yoga.